Case Power SupplyAu$(ex)
CASTATXMDGeneric ATX Midi Tower Case W/550WLogin
CASAOES50AA-Open ES550C ATX Midi Case W/Front USB 350W (Black)Login
CASAOES50XA-Open ES550X ATX Midi Case W/Front USB 350W (Black/Silver)Login
CASAOH450BA-Open H450B uATX Midi Case W/Front USB 300W (Black)Login
CASAOKA50BA-Open KA50B ATX Midi Case W/Front USB 300W (Black)Login
CASAOKA51AA-Open KA51A ATX Midi Case W/Front USB 350W (Black)Login
CASCME330ACoolermaster Elite 330 Elite 420W Black CaseLogin
CASCME331ACoolermaster Elite 331 Elite 420W Black CaseLogin
CASCME334ACoolermaster Elite 334 Elite 420W Black CaseLogin
CASCME335ACoolermaster Elite 335 Elite 420W Black CaseLogin
CASCME341ACoolermaster Elite 341 Elite 420W Black mATX CaseLogin
CASCMRC5NCoolermaster Centurion 5 II W/O PSU Black CaseLogin
CASCMRC5P2Coolermaster Centurion 5 II With 500W Black CaseLogin
ACCPWSATX3P4Generic 400W Peak ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWSK550Generic 550W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWVT460Vantec 460W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWVT520Vantec 520W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWCM500Coolermaster 500W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWCM550Coolermaster 550W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWCM650Coolermaster 650W ATX Power SupplyLogin
ACCPWCM725Coolermaster 725W ATX Power SupplyLogin
CBPWSPower Supply CableLogin
CBPWSMPC to Monitor Power CableLogin
CBPWS2Power Cable 1 Wall Plug to 2 IEC ( 1 Power Cable for your Case and Monitor)Login
ACCPWBRD6 Port Power Board and RJ45 with Surge Protetion & 2M CableLogin
ACCFAN6CM6CM Fan for Case Login
ACCFAN2DM8CM Fan for Case Login
ACCFAN9CM9CM Fan for Case Login
ACCFAN12CT12CM Fan for Case Login


Last updated 08/08/2012
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ALL of the above goods come with standard 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated